Ubuntu is a 100% Black Owned Company with a Level 1 B-BEEE rating. Ubuntu seeks to become a leading market player in transforming the construction industry within South Africa.

 The company was established through the collaborative efforts of two highly rated specialists with vast experience in the industry. The founders, two lifelong friends, Ryan Sanders (with over 10 years’ experience in refineries) and Brian Fayers (with over 10 years safety experience, which include Oil and Gas, Civil, Building, Harbours and Mining Industries) both saw an opportunity to leverage each other’s respective skill sets in order to provide a specialized service.

Ubuntu has the necessary resources, skills, and experience to meet current and future customers’ requirements. We have full access to a workshop and business premises. We are able to service a wide variety of customers, from small to large enterprises. What makes Ubuntu different from other companies; we provide timely and unique services to our respected clients. Also we see to it that our projects are completed and delivered to our clients, safely, quality and on timeously.

As a contracting entity Ubuntu strives hard to stand up to the exportations and ensure we deliver on our promises. We will surely give you the best.

Our Vision

Our vision is to become a national renowned leader in the construction industry. We work hard every day to make Ubuntu South Africa’s most respected and trustworthy brand.

Mission Statement

To achieve our vision, we need to pursue the following success drives: We will be the most consistent, competitive and trustworthy company. We will strive to ensure we deliver on what we promise. We will maintain good ethical behaviour and transformation. We will deliver projects reliably, safe and within budget. We will ensure our clients’ needs and requirements are met We will uphold the quality of life of our employees and the communities we serve.

Our Values

At Ubuntu our values are consciously held and consistently applied. Our values assist us to strive to be successful, excellent and a responsible corporation. Ubuntu lives by its core values, which are People, Excellence Transformation, Customer Focus, Innovation, Integrity and Performance. We ensure we demonstrate ethical, fair and transparent behaviour, thus making us a trustworthy company. We are committed to ensuring that we take responsibility and accountability for our actions and performance. Our employees are empowered. Employees are continuously developed to be competent in their current jobs and future prospects within the organization. Our employees have the capability, authority and resources to act and perform in their duties.



Ubuntu is committed to social economic development. Building communities and thriving for a better South Africa. Ubuntu’s Social Economic Development Plan is to empower communities within our project catchment areas through employment, skills, training and development. Our commitment is to invest 10% of our net profit to community outreach programs and non-profit organizations.

our key focus areas
Training and Development

Scholar Bursaries, Trade Test Employees, Basic Skills and Needs

Social Development

HIV Awareness Programs , Emergency Response and Planning, Sports and Recreational Development

Investing in local SME's

SME’s within the project catchment areas to be given preference when procuring, support and financial aid where required


Ubuntu is 100% black owned with a level 1 B-BEE rating. BEE is one of our key strategies. Ubuntu thrives to be the industries employer of choice and offers compelling positions to the previously disadvantage group.

Growth opportunities and continuous development of the previous disadvantage will take precedence. In our experience BEE adds value to our business.